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Biosensor Technology

Proprietary pocket-sized technology, bringing laboratory testing to the point-of-care to improve patient outcomes

Single point testing & continuous monitoring

Quantitative results

AI-based point-of-care diagnostics

Low-cost platform technology


Using ZiO Health's proprietary biosensor technology & machine learning algorithms we combine real-time results with the patients unique profile to enhance patient care


Therapeutic Drug Monitoring - Vancomycin

We test free & total vancomycin levels

The 'free vancomycin' level is currently estimated based on 'total vancomcyin' test results, leading to further inaccurate dosing

Significant cost reduction in the process

The process used today involves numerous inputs from various experts. The Vancomycin trough test alone costs over $100 per test

Dose individualisation to enhance drug efficacy & reduce adverse side effects

Current dosing models generalise everyone's health profile based on the population rather than considering individual's differing profiles

Reduced length of hospital stay

In the US, 60% of vancomycin doses are administered outside the therapeutic range leading to adverse side effects & ineffective treatment


Other devices

Further applications




We are interested in partnerships for:


All our partnerships provide access to ZiO Health’s biosensor platform


The Benefits Are Endless

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