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Our Story

Bringing lab testing to the point of care

In 2016, Dr. Neel Patel and Dr. Shaolin Liang came together with a simple goal - to empower as many people as possible to take control of their health.

As a Doctor, CEO and co-founder, Dr. Neel Patel was frustrated with the inefficiencies associated with the blood testing available in a hospital setting and wanted to find a solution to accelerate the full testing process. Alongside this co-founder, Dr. Shaolin Liang had recently had a baby and discovered a desire to bring lab testing into the home with the initial goal being to gain confidence that his baby was receiving the correct nutrients. Shaolin wanted to use his technical knowledge to develop a solution to this. Together they worked with a shared goal of bringing hospital lab testing to the point-of-use allowing greater accessibility to molecular testing, providing a new route to optimising health and sickness prevention.

ZiO Health's vision is to democratise medical testing & health data, making it more accessible so that you can make meaningful changes to your everyday routine, and feel better in your body.



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